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We print using market leading technology and offer a large range of different metals. Our strength is material knowledge. By optimizing the material selection the advantages of additive manufacturing are very much increased.

Printing equipment

We produce with EOS. EOS GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of metal additive manufacturing solutions. The EOS stand for high quality production and excellent production capacity. 

Basic information


EOS M270, EOS M290


Powder Bed Fusion


Maraging-steel, Inconel, aluminium, titanium, stainless steel. Further materials on request.

EOS M 270
EOS M 290
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We produce metal components. We offer a variety of materials like maraging steel, Inconel, titanium, stainless steel and aluminium. The most important material information you find here.

Together with our cooperation network we also offer 3D-printed plastic products.

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Maraging steel MS1

X3NiCoMoTi 18-9-5

Hard and durable hardening tool steel. With a hardness around 55 HRC, it is particularly suitable for mold inserts, tooling production and other end-use components requiring special strength. Hardened pieces are easy to work with spark eroding and can be polished.

Inconel 718


A heat-resistant, highly corrosion-resistant high-strength nickel alloy that is easy and cost-effective to replace traditional stainless steels. The Inconel 718 is the obvious choice for all steel applications, but also for more technical applications where fatigue resistance from cold temperatures up to 700 ° C is required.



Excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance combined with low specific gravity. You should use titanium when you want to increase the strength of the pieces in a cost-effective way with reduced weight. Typical applications are found in fast moving industrial components as well as in the motorsport industry.



High-strength cast aluminum. Due to its good thermal properties, it is suitable for applications where thermal conductivity is required in combination with aluminum lightness. Depending on the printing process you choose, EOS aluminum can be used in demanding applications as well as manufacturing of less critical components. Depending on the application, one can choose a layer thicknesses of 30 or 60 micrometers.

Stainless steel (1.4404)


Corrosion resistant-steel. Components made of 316L stainless steel have excellent toughness. Despite of the fact that we often recommend you to consider replacing the 316L with the Inconel 718 because of its superior features, there are applications where 316L has its place. Components that go into the food industry, for example, are made from 316L.

Inconel 939


Thanks to its excellent oxidation resistance and outstanding mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, IN939 opens new possibilities to utilize additive manufacturing in demanding applications. Potential uses for the material can be found in stationary gas turbine industries and applications like guide vanes, heat shields, among others. Such applications were not accessible to AM users with the materials already available.

Tool Steel 1.2709

Hard and ultra high strength hardening tool steel. With a hardness around 57 HRC, it is particularly suitable for mold inserts, tooling production and other end-use components requiring special strength.

Hardened pieces are easy to work with spark machining and can be polished easily up to class A2.

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